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Derrittmeister Militaria

Prussia Spiked Helmet Metal for Enlisted Man in Cuirassier

Prussia Spiked Helmet Metal for Enlisted Man in Cuirassier

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This is an excellent example of a wartime enlisted Cuirassier helmet.

This helmet shows the results of their "tone-down" program that dulled the metal
on both the front plate, now field grey, and the dulled finish on the helmet

The front plate is the Basic Line Eagle, pictured here with a flowing
single curl banner across its wings and chest, and the initials FR in the
center, was worn by over 46% of the battalions in the Imperial German Army
in August of 1914. This plate is named the Basic Line Eagle because it is
the eagle worn by the majority of the line units of the army and thus is
the most frequently encountered headgear device.

It has a regal appearance with its raised wings and crowned head looking to the eagle's right. On the top of the crown is a small cross. On the chest of the eagle are the
initials FR for Friedrick Rex (King Frederick) and across the eagle's chest
and wings is a flowing banner with the words " MIT GOTT FUR KOENIG UND
VATERLAND" (With God For King And Fatherland).

In the eagle's left talon is an orb with a cross on the top and in the
eagle's right talon is a scepter with a miniature line eagle at the top.
This helmet plate was found on 46.8% of the headgear worn by the Imperial
German Army in August of 1914.

The leather chinstrap is also intact.  

It was worn with a Reich and a Prussian Kockarde. The helmet has both and they are large as appropriate for the Cuirassier style helmet.  

The interior sports the correct enlisted man leather liner all tongues are intact along with the sizing thong is in place.  All of the original hardware is in place.  There is als a manufactures plate.  

The helmet body is made of pressed sheet metal in the style worn by the
heavy cavalry, the Cuirassiers, with the elongated rear visor to protect the
wearer's neck. This style is referred to as a "Lobster Tail" helmet.

This is a 100 percent complete and original helmet in well above condition.

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