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Prussian Denmark War Medal of 1864

Prussian Denmark War Medal of 1864

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The Denmark War Medal of 1864, or the Kriegs Denkmünze 1864, was a medal issued by the Kingdom of Prussia to commemorate the military campaign against Denmark in 1864. The war was fought over the disputed territories of Schleswig and Holstein, which were claimed by both Denmark and the German Confederation.

The Prussian Kingdom, in alliance with Austria, launched an offensive against Denmark and defeated the Danish army in a series of battles. The war ended with the Treaty of Vienna in October 1864, which gave Prussia and Austria control over Schleswig and Holstein.

To commemorate their victory, the Prussian government authorized the production of the Denmark War Medal of 1864, which was awarded to both Prussian and Austrian military personnel who had taken part in the campaign. The medal features the monograms of Wilhelm I, King of Prussia, and Franz Joseph, Emperor of Austria, on the obverse, and the inscription "UNSERN TAPFERN KRIEGERN 1864" on the reverse, which translates to "To our brave warriors 1864."

The Denmark War Medal of 1864 is a symbol of the Prussian Kingdom's military prowess and is highly valued by collectors of military medals and decorations.


This  Denmark War Medal of 1864 from the Prussian Kingdom. The circular bronze medal features two crowned monograms on the obverse center, W for Wilhelm below the Prussian royal crown and FJ for Franz Joseph below the Austrian imperial crown. The reverse center presents the inscription "UNSERN TAPFERN KRIEGERN 1864," surrounded by a laurel leaf wreath. The medal measures 29.80 mm in diameter, weighs 11.7 grams, and is in near very fine condition. It comes with a loop for suspension from the period's original replacement ribbon. This Denmark War Medal is a fascinating piece of history that would make a valuable addition to any collection.

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