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Prussian Husaren Regiment Officer's parade belt

Prussian Husaren Regiment Officer's parade belt

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Presenting a remarkable find for collectors and enthusiasts alike: a stunning Prussian Husaren Regiment Officer's parade belt. This elusive accessory, reserved for dress occasions, holds a unique place in Prussian Husaren officer regalia. Its scarcity makes it a true gem for those seeking to complete their military memorabilia collection.

The belt showcases exquisite craftsmanship, featuring stone-mint brown leather attachments at each end to secure it in place. The belt itself is a work of art, composed of thin braided silver and black-chevroned bullion strings expertly threaded through three sets of braided silver bullion tubes. The tubes, numbering five per set, are securely threaded together, ensuring durability and longevity.

A notable aiguillette-like section, adorned with a braided rosette, is attached between two of the tube sections. This distinctive section consists of two thicker silver bullion cords that encircle the looped-together strings near one of the leather fasteners. The other end of the aiguillette showcases two portépée-like devices made of bullion and coiled silver-toned tinsel, gracefully hanging down from the rosette opposite to the aiguillette's cords.

Behind the tube sets and the aiguillette's rosette, a white silk lining is attached to the belt's reverse. While intact, it may show minor soiling, a testament to its age and historical significance. When fully lengthened, the belt measures a generous 30 ½", offering versatility in terms of display or wear.

This extraordinary Husaren officer's belt has been impeccably preserved in its original storage carton throughout the years. The carton, measuring 8" in diameter, showcases excellent condition in both of its halves. Remarkably, the carton is lined with original tissue paper, preserving the belt's superb condition and adding to its overall allure.

In mint condition, this Husaren officer's belt is truly a rare find. Its pristine state sets it apart as a remarkable and highly sought-after accouterment. Even in a lesser condition, this belt remains an elusive item that rarely surfaces in the market, making it an invaluable addition to any discerning collector's repertoire.

Don't miss the opportunity to acquire this superb Prussian Husaren Regiment Officer's parade belt. Its intricate design, historical significance, and exceptional condition make it a highly coveted piece. Embrace the allure of military regalia and let this extraordinary belt become a cherished centerpiece in your collection, showcasing the rich heritage and elegance of the Prussian Husaren.
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