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Prussian Military Honor Award 2nd Class - Non-Combatant Ribbon

Prussian Military Honor Award 2nd Class - Non-Combatant Ribbon

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Step into the intricate world of Prussian military awards during the pre-World War I era with this extraordinary Prussian Military Honor Award 2nd Class. This round silver medal, measuring 40mm in diameter, comes with its distinctive non-combatant ribbon, representing the recognition given to individuals who made outstanding contributions during times of conflict while serving in non-combatant roles.

The obverse of the medal showcases the inscription "KRIEGS/ VERDIENST" encircled by a laurel wreath bound with a bow at the bottom. On the reverse, you'll find the crowned cipher "W R" (Wilhelm I), symbolizing royal recognition for exceptional service. This Prussian Military Honor Award 2nd Class weighs 23 grams and is suspended from a 35 mm-wide white ribbon with two 7.5 mm-wide black side-stripes, each positioned 2 mm from the edge of the ribbon.

Originally awarded during the German-Danish War (1864) and the Austro-Prussian War (1866), this prestigious medal holds historical significance. It represents the contributions made by non-combatants during those conflicts, emphasizing their essential roles in supporting the armed forces. The later pieces of this medal, awarded after approximately 1890, featured a sturdier suspension eyelet, which addressed the earlier design's tendency to deform or break.

While relatively uncommon compared to the widespread distribution of Prussian Iron Cross awards during World War I, the Prussian Military Honor Award 2nd Class deserves recognition and appreciation. This seemingly plain-looking award holds a profound historical value, often overlooked by collectors.

Please note that this Prussian Military Honor Award 2nd Class is an original piece and not one of the various period copies available in the market. The original medal has approximately 16,157 awards made in total, with the earlier type being rarer due to their return upon the recipient's death.

Own a piece of Prussian military history and honor the contributions of non-combatants with this remarkable Prussian Military Honor Award 2nd Class and its original non-combatant ribbon.

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