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Prussian Pickelhaube / Spiked Helmet for Officer in Grenadier Rgt 4

Prussian Pickelhaube / Spiked Helmet for Officer in Grenadier Rgt 4

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Introducing the Spike Helmet of Grenadier Regiment 4 (1911-1914)

Step into history with this meticulously crafted spike helmet worn by officers of the renowned Grenadier-Regiment König Friedrich der Große (3. Ostpreußches) Nr 4 during the period of 1911-1914. Founded back in 1626, this esteemed regiment was stationed at Rastenberg in East Prussia and served under the Prussian I. Armeekorp. Known as the oldest regiment in the Imperial Army, it held a special place of honor.

This spike helmet proudly displays the Heraldic Eagle with shorter wings and the initials "FWR" on its breastplate. An emblematic banner adorned with the number "1626" was bestowed upon the regiment by AKO on November 6, 1888, commemorating the day of its activation. Such was the significance of this regiment that the Kaiser himself chose to immortalize its activation date on the helmet plate.

Originally, the helmet featured the distinctive short-winged style plate, but on May 1, 1911, it was replaced with the wider-winged Grenadier Eagle, as depicted on this helmet. This change marked the transition from the Heraldic Eagle to the Grenadier Eagle, introduced in 1898 for all Grenadier Regiments. The Grenadier Eagle, facing to the right, showcases an impressive wingspan. The sword in its right talon bears a unique curved, reverse "S" hilt, while the scepter in its left talon features a pine cone-like ornament. Adorned with the motto banner "MIT GOTT FUR KOENIG UND VATERLAND" (With God for King and Fatherland), this helmet plate is often mistaken for the "Guard Eagle without the star," although it possesses distinct characteristics.

Close examination reveals subtle distinctions between the two eagles. The sword handles differ, with the Grenadier Eagle sporting a reverse "S" design instead of a bow tie. Additionally, the devices atop the scepters vary, with the Grenadier Eagle exhibiting a pine cone motif rather than a small guard eagle. Moreover, the tail feathers of the Grenadier Eagle form a solid pattern between the talons grasping the sword and scepter, whereas the Guard Eagle's tail feathers do not fill the spaces entirely. It is worth noting that some Grenadier Eagles may feature bow tie sword handles, potentially indicating early models or interpretations by skilled jewelers.

This helmet exemplifies exceptional craftsmanship, exhibiting remarkable solidity and minimal imperfections. All the components are correct, and there are no extraneous holes. The interior is immaculately clean, free from any tears or flaws in the silk lining. On a rating scale of 1 to 3, where 1 signifies some scratches and dents, and 3 denotes pristine condition akin to new, this helmet comfortably achieves a solid rating of 2.5. We are thrilled to present to you the very first type of this pickelhaube that we have ever had the opportunity to offer. Step into history and own a remarkable piece of Grenadier Regiment 4's legacy.

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