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Prussian Schirmmütze / Visor Cap for Officer in Garde-Schützen-Regiment

Prussian Schirmmütze / Visor Cap for Officer in Garde-Schützen-Regiment

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This officer schirmmütze is a unique and rare example from the Garde-Schützen-Regiment. This regiment was the only Schützen regiment ever created, making this cap a one-of-a-kind item. Dating from the pre-World War I era, this cap boasts an elegant and high-quality form.

The cap's base color is a striking green, similar to that seen on Jäger-Bataillone caps. A wide band of black velvet runs around the cap, with two narrow red trim bands above and below it. A third red trim band sits at the very top of the cap. The cap is completed by a black visor and the correct state and reich officer kokarden.

The interior of the cap features a well-preserved brown leather sweatband that shows only modest wear. A cream-colored silk liner, which is also complete and tear-free, is attached to the sweatband. However, there are some perspiration stains where it touched the officer's hair.

Despite being over a century old, this cap remains in very fine condition, with only one small moth nip on the top. The Garde-Schützen-Regiment was established in 1814 and was stationed in Berlin, where all Garde-Regiments were based, along with Potsdam.

Overall, this is a superb example of a rare regimental cap that would be a valuable addition to any collection.

The Garde-Schützen-Regiment was a regiment in the Prussian army that was created in 1814. It was one of the regiments of the Garde division, which was the elite unit of the Prussian army. The Garde-Schützen-Regiment was unique in that it was the only regiment of Schützen, or sharpshooters, in the entire Prussian army.

The regiment was garrisoned in Berlin, along with the other Garde regiments, as well as in Potsdam. It was made up of soldiers who were skilled in marksmanship, and they were often used for special tasks such as guarding important persons or positions.

During World War I, the Garde-Schützen-Regiment fought on the Western Front, and the regiment was disbanded in 1919 following the end of the war and the fall of the German Empire.

Today, the Garde-Schützen-Regiment is remembered as a unique and important part of Prussian military history.



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