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Prussian Schirmmutze / Visor Cap for Officer in Jager

Prussian Schirmmutze / Visor Cap for Officer in Jager

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The  Prussian Schirmmutze / Visor Cap  is a highly sought-after WWI officer cap among collectors. The adoption of the feldgrau uniform by Germany (with the exception of Bavaria) began in 1907, and Prussia played a leading role in this transition.

This schirmütze is a prime example of the feldgrau uniform, with its primary color being a gray-green shade. The black visor, wide band of green velvet and thin red trim bands above and below the black band add to the cap's distinguished appearance. The center of the cap displays the correct officer kokarden for Prussia and the Reich, and the original leather chinstrap is also intact.

The interior of the cap features a full and complete brown leather sweatband, albeit with a small tear. The silk liner is complete and has embossed silver information about the shop from which it was purchased. There is also an oval tag pasted onto the silk liner, which would have allowed the owner to place their name. However, no name is currently visible.

While the exterior of the cap has considerable moth nips and tracks on the top and sides, its rarity and historical significance are not to be overlooked. This cap undoubtedly saw action during the Great War and is a testament to the feldgrau uniforms' introduction in Prussia.

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