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Prussian Schirmütze / Visor Cap for Officer in Husaren-Regiment Nr 6

Prussian Schirmütze / Visor Cap for Officer in Husaren-Regiment Nr 6

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Presenting a rare and unique officer schirmütze for Husaren-Regiment Nr 6 from Prussia, this pre-World War I cap is an exemplary piece of history. Only one regiment would have used this cap, and the green color of the cap sets it apart from the typical blue caps. This cap features a shorter black visor at the front, a smaller red band and two small yellow trim bands above and below the red band, with a third yellow trim band at the top of the cap. The standard state and Reich officer kokarden are in place, adding to its authenticity.

What makes this cap more interesting is the interior, where a full and complete brown leather sweatband and an excellent condition silk liner are present. The silk liner bears two notable stamps - one with the initials “H.F.” for the owner and another for a costume house in Amsterdam. While this is not uncommon, it provides a glimpse into the post-war lives of veterans who sold their uniforms and headdresses to theaters and costume houses.

Moreover, this cap is in extra nice condition with only a whisper of moth tracking at the top, which can be seen closely in our attached photos.

This Husaren-Regiment Nr 6 officer schirmütze holds historical relevance and significance as a representation of the Prussian military during the pre-World War I era. The regiment itself dates back to the early 18th century, with its roots in cavalry units that served the Prussian Army. To learn more about the history of the regiment and the Prussian Army, visit these reference links:,
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