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Prussian Shoulder Boards for Generalfeldmarschall

Prussian Shoulder Boards for Generalfeldmarschall

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We are thrilled to present one of the most remarkable pairs of shoulder boards we've had the privilege of offering. These shoulder boards are believed to have belonged to a Generalfeldmarschall, dating back to the early stages of World War I, if not prewar. Measuring 11.5" x 5", these shoulder boards were meant to be worn on a tunic, as opposed to a larger size that would have been used on a mantle.

The alternating rows of silver and gold bullion ropes on these shoulder boards display extensive tarnishing, indicating their age and authenticity. The black chevrons on the silver ropes indicate that they were used by Prussian Generalfeldmarschall, the German state with the most GFMS during the Great War. Although there were other GFMS appointed from several other German states and royalty from other Central Powers, only six Prussian GFMS served during WWI.

The reverse of the shoulder boards is covered in solid red felt, without any signs of the usual slip-on tabs or the crossed batons of a GFM. Both shoulder boards display mild mothing, with one board having slightly more than the other, as shown in our photographs. Nonetheless, this is not detractive in any way and serves as a testament to their age and authenticity.

We saved the best for last: the crossed batons of a GFM. Each baton is crafted from an impressive silver and featuring an intricate design. These batons make a stunning addition to any collection, and their historical relevance only adds to their significance.

These shoulder boards offer a glimpse into the life of a high-ranking military officer during a tumultuous time in history. They are a testament to the dedication and sacrifice of the German soldiers who served their country during World War I.

To learn more about the history of German Generalfeldmarschalls, visit this link:

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