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Säbeltasche: Garde du Corps Regiment

Säbeltasche: Garde du Corps Regiment

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The Säbeltasche, or saber pouch, was an integral component of the distinguished uniform worn by the Garde du Corps Regiment, and this particular example belonged to an enlisted man who served on guard duty at the palace. When worn with the "Supre Veste," it added to the grandeur and solemnity of their duty.

Key Features:

1. Regal Aesthetics: This Säbeltasche, primarily in striking red with elegant white accents, was designed to be a striking part of the Garde du Corps uniform. The centerpiece features a resplendent white field adorned with a royal cypher and a crown, symbolizing the regiment's close ties to royalty.

2. Functional Design: The reverse of the Säbeltasche is crafted from rich brown leather and features white straps, which were used to secure it to the "Koller," the uniform coat. These straps ensured that the saber pouch remained in place during ceremonial duties.

3. Historical Significance: The Garde du Corps Regiment was renowned for its role as the personal bodyguard of the Prussian kings. Their uniforms were designed to reflect both the elite status of the regiment and their duty to protect the monarch. This saber pouch, with its distinctive appearance, was a crucial part of this ceremonial attire.

Historical Context: The Garde du Corps, or "Guard of the Body," was one of the most prestigious regiments in the Prussian Army. They were responsible for the protection of the Prussian kings and played a significant role in both ceremonial and combat situations.

This enlisted man's saber pouch, with its regal design and impeccable condition, serves as a tangible link to the history of the Garde du Corps Regiment. It is a testament to the regiment's close association with Prussian royalty and the dedication of its members.

Overall Condition: This Säbeltasche remains in very fine condition, a testament to the care with which it has been preserved over the years. While there are no visible markings on the reverse, its historical significance and impeccable design speak volumes about its origin and purpose.

Don't miss the opportunity to own this exceptional relic from the Garde du Corps Regiment, a piece of history that embodies the elite and storied traditions of this renowned unit.

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