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Saxon Enlisted Man's Feldgrau Tunic - Feldartillerie Nr 32, M-1915 Friedensuniform, WWI Era

Saxon Enlisted Man's Feldgrau Tunic - Feldartillerie Nr 32, M-1915 Friedensuniform, WWI Era

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This exquisite Saxon Enlisted Man's Feldgrau Tunic from the Kingdom of Saxony's Königl. Sächs 3. Feldartillerie-Regiment Nr 32 is a rare and exceptional find, especially considering the regiment's relatively brief existence from 1889 to 1918. The tunic, crafted from high-quality wool, is a representation of the M-1915 Friedensuniform, the last feldgrau tunic pattern produced during World War I. The term "Friedensuniform" translates to "Future Peace Uniform," indicating its intended use by the German Army post-war.

The tunic's design features a luxurious black-velvet collar and cuffs, each cuff adorned with two gilt buttons. A striking thin red trim line runs along the tunic, complemented by eight gilt-toned buttons. The green shoulder straps are a highlight, embroidered with a crown, the cypher "AR" (for König Albert of Saxony), and crossed cannons, signifying its artillery regiment origins. These straps are sewn at one end and fastened with a gilt-toned button at the other.

In terms of condition, the tunic displays remarkable preservation, with only two moth nips visible on the front and three on the reverse. These minor imperfections do not detract from the tunic's overall impressive appearance. The interior reveals a gray silk lining, indicating this was a privately-purchased piece, not depot-issued, which accounts for the superior quality of the material. A large pocket is located on the lining's left side.

Research on the Regiment or Time Period:
The Königl. Sächs 3. Feldartillerie-Regiment Nr 32, garrisoned at Riesa and part of the XIX. Armeekorps, was an all-Saxon unit, underscoring the regional pride and distinct military traditions of Saxony. The regiment's participation in World War I and its limited lifespan add historical significance to this tunic, making it a rare and valuable piece.

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