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Derrittmeister Militaria Group

Saxony Enlisted Man's Schirmütze - Train Bataillon

Saxony Enlisted Man's Schirmütze - Train Bataillon

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Step back in time to pre-World War I Saxony with this vintage enlisted man's Schirmütze from one of the renowned Train-Abteilungen. Before the Great War, the Saxon Army boasted two Train-Abteilungen, including Königl. Sächs. 1. Train Abteilung Nr 12 and Königl. Sächs. 2. Train-Abteilung Nr 19, each with its own rich history and legacy.

This striking Schirmütze features a light-blue base adorned with distinctive black piping bands, symbolizing the wearer's affiliation with one of Saxony's esteemed Train-Abteilungen. The addition of narrow red piping bands adds a touch of contrast and flair to the mütze's design, while the traditional state and Reich's kokarden proudly adorn the front, showcasing allegiance to Saxony and the German Empire.

Despite its age, this vintage piece retains its historical charm, with scattered light moth nips across the top and sides serving as a testament to its authenticity and journey through time. The interior boasts a complete leather sweatband, bearing witness to the wearer's dedication and service, while the liner, though showing signs of wear, reflects the mütze's resilience and endurance over the years.

Unmarked by depot insignia, this privately-purchased mütze offers a rare glimpse into the personal history of its wearer, making it a prized addition to any collection of military memorabilia or historical artifacts.

Vintage enlisted man's Schirmützen from pre-World War I Saxony are increasingly rare, making this piece a valuable find for collectors and enthusiasts of military history.

The Train-Abteilungen played a vital role in the Saxon Army, providing logistical support and transportation services crucial for the functioning of military operations during the pre-war era.

Capture the spirit of pre-World War I Saxony with this vintage Schirmütze, a tangible link to the proud heritage of the Train-Abteilungen and the men who served in them. Whether displayed as a tribute to Saxony's military legacy or cherished as a unique piece of personal history, this mütze offers a window into a bygone era of honor, duty, and tradition.

Add depth and authenticity to your collection with this rare and meticulously preserved artifact, a testament to the enduring spirit of the Saxon Army and its contributions to Germany's military heritage.
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