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Saxony - Private Purchase Enlisted Man M-1910 Feldgrau Tunic - Infanterie-Regiment Nr 100

Saxony - Private Purchase Enlisted Man M-1910 Feldgrau Tunic - Infanterie-Regiment Nr 100

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This meticulously preserved M-1910 feldgrau tunic represents the esteemed Infanterie-Regiment Nr 100 from the Kingdom of Saxony. Serving as "The King's Own," this regiment held the distinction of being the leading infantry unit in the Kingdom, with its officers comprising nobles and members of the royal family of Saxony. Even those enlisted who were not of nobility or royalty hailed from esteemed backgrounds within Saxony. Being selected to be a part of this regiment, regardless of rank, was a true honor.

Formally known as Königl. Sächs. 1 (Leib) Grenadier-Regiment Nr 100, this regiment boasted a rich historical legacy, founded back in 1670. Stationed in the capital city, it was assigned to the Saxon XII. Armee-Korps. Our collection also includes a tunic once belonging to a Major of this regiment, Prinz Heinrich of Bavaria.

This particular M-1910 tunic represents the first type authorized to replace the dunkel blau tunic. Notably, it is a private purchase item rather than a depot-issued one. Given the regiment's prestige, even enlisted men took immense pride in their selection and appearance. They spared no expense to ensure they looked sharp and worthy of their distinguished unit.

Featuring a single row of silver buttons, this tunic exhibits two ribbons, as is customary, on the second buttonhole. The first ribbon represents the 1914 Iron Cross 2nd Class, while the second ribbon signifies the King August III Medal in Silver from Saxony, equivalent to the Saxon version of the 1914 Iron Cross 2nd Class.

The collar and sleeves of the tunic are adorned with white and red cotton, replacing the bullion typically found on officer tunics. A delightful touch of white cotton decorative flashes on a red cuff adds to its appeal. Each white design is accentuated with a silver button. The tunic also features white shoulder straps, adorned with a red royal cypher and crown, securely attached with a silver button. Striking red piping elegantly extends down both halves of the tunic.

On the reverse side, a large vent flap trimmed with red piping catches the eye. The flap is adorned with four large silver buttons. Opening the tunic reveals an interior of officer quality, boasting a well-preserved, fine silk liner. The liner is complete and features a small pocket on the left side.

Considering its age of over one hundred years, the tunic's remarkable condition is commendable. The front exhibits minimal moth nips and faint traces of moth tracking. On the reverse, a single moth nip can be observed on the red collar.

This private purchase tunic represents a rare find of officer quality, showcasing the prestige of a highly esteemed regiment within the German army.



Infanterie-Regiment Nr 100
Kingdom of Saxony:
Königl. Sächs. 1 (Leib) Grenadier-Regiment Nr 100
Saxon XII. Armee-Korps

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