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Saxony Schirmmütze for Officer in Husaren Rgt 19 (Mid War)

Saxony Schirmmütze for Officer in Husaren Rgt 19 (Mid War)

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Presenting an exquisite find - the rare mid-war officer schirmmütze of Husaren-Regiment Nr 19 from the Kingdom of Saxony. A true collector's gem, this cap is unique to only one regiment, making it a prized possession.

Crafted from the finest  wool, this cap is a striking shade of light blue, a testament to the quality of materials used in its construction. This was before the feldgrau color became the norm in later years of WWI. What sets this cap apart is that even the typically contrasting large band area is made of the same light blue wool, with only three small trim bands adding a touch of distinction. The cap boasts a sleek black visor, and proudly displays the officer kokarden for state and reich, with the Saxon kokarde adding a unique touch.

The interior of the cap is no less impressive, with a high-quality brown leather sweatband and a dark navy silk liner providing comfort and style. Although the sweatband has lifted in a few areas, it is complete and the cap remains in near-mint condition. We note only a minor moth nip near the reich kokarde and a whisper of moth tracking at the top of the cap.

This tall and elegant cap was a familiar sight in Husaren-Regiments, and is a must-have for the discerning collector.

It would be a perfect addition to a Husaren-Regiment Nr 19 attila. Don't miss this opportunity to own a piece of history.


Husaren-Regiment Nr 19 was a cavalry regiment that served in the German Army during World War I. The regiment was part of the Kingdom of Saxony's army, which was one of the constituent armies of the German Empire.

The regiment was formed in 1813 and was garrisoned in Leipzig. It saw action in the Napoleonic Wars and the Franco-Prussian War before being deployed to the Eastern Front during World War I. The regiment was disbanded in 1919 following the end of the war and the dissolution of the German Empire.

The Kingdom of Saxony's army was known for its distinctive uniforms, which were based on the traditional Saxon Hussar dress. The uniforms of Husaren-Regiment Nr 19 featured a light blue tunic and trousers with yellow braiding, along with a tall shako-style cap known as a schirmütze.

For more information on Husaren-Regiment Nr 19 and the Kingdom of Saxony's army, you may refer to the following sources:

  1. "Husaren-Regiment König Nr. 19 (2. Sächsisches)" on the website of the German Imperial Army, which provides a brief history of the regiment
  2. "Uniforms of the Saxon Army" on the website of the Saxon Military History Museum, which includes images and descriptions of the uniforms worn by the Kingdom of Saxony's army
  3. "The German Army in World War I (1): 1914-15" by Nigel Thomas and illustrated by Johnny Shumate, which includes a section on the Kingdom of Saxony's army and Husaren-Regiment Nr 19


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