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Single Epaulet for General der Infanterie - Infanterie-Regiment Nr 122 Württemberg

Single Epaulet for General der Infanterie - Infanterie-Regiment Nr 122 Württemberg

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Own a piece of military history with this exquisite single epaulet from Infanterie-Regiment Nr 122, a unit with a storied legacy dating back to 1806. This epaulet was worn by a General der Infanterie, likely of noble or royal descent, serving as the Regimental Chef of Füsilier-Regiment Kaiser Franz Joseph von Österreich, König von Ungarn (4. Württembergisches) Nr 122, predominantly stationed at Heilbronn with a battalion at Mergentheim.

  • Distinguished Design: Features bundled ringlets exclusive to general officers, with a tarnished silver crescent that suggests genuine silver—adding a touch of authenticity and age.
  • Regal Embellishments: Adorned with a royal crown, the royal cypher of King Wilhelm, and two gilt pips signifying the rank of General der Infanterie, set against a textured silver background.
  • Regimental Pride: The epaulet proudly displays the number "122" in gilt, reflecting its regimental affiliation.
  • Condition Notes: Despite some wear, such as ringlets pulling away (not visible from the top), a small moth nip, and some staining likely from water damage, the piece remains a remarkable collector's item with its red felt lining intact.

Historical Link: For more about the historical significance of military epaulets and their role in denoting rank and regiment, explore this detailed examination of military insignia.

Modern Cultural Connection: As military antiques continue to captivate collectors and historians, the fascination with such artifacts can be seen in exhibitions and collector's circles online. Engage with a community of fellow enthusiasts and explore more about the preservation of such historical items here.

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