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Württemberg Officer Schirmmütze pre WWI Artillery

Württemberg Officer Schirmmütze pre WWI Artillery

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This impeccably preserved officer schirmütze holds great historical significance as it was worn by an officer from an artillery regiment in the kingdom of Württemberg prior to World War I.

The cap features a distinguished dunkel blau (dark blue) color as its primary shade. Adorning the cap is a wide black band crafted from luxurious velvet. Above and below the black band, two narrow red trim bands add a touch of elegance. At the crown, a third red trim band further enhances its visual appeal. The cap proudly displays the correct state and reich kokarden, symbolizing the officer's affiliation.

The exterior of the cap is complemented by a meticulously crafted black visor of exceptional quality. Moving to the interior, a dark brown leather sweatband, although showing signs of age with cracks due to dryness, remains intact, offering a glimpse into its authentic craftsmanship. The complete silk liner features gold stamping of the maker's insignia, while faint remnants of the owner's name can still be discerned.

In terms of condition, this cap exhibits remarkable preservation. A small moth nip is present on the top, accompanied by faint traces of moth tracks on both the top and sides. Despite these minor imperfections, this cap exudes exceptional quality and represents an outstanding value.

This officer schirmütze is an extraordinary piece of history, meticulously preserved and ready to be appreciated by collectors and enthusiasts alike. Don't miss the opportunity to own this remarkable artifact of Württemberg's military heritage at an affordable price.


Officers from artillery regiments in the kingdom of Württemberg prior to World War I held important roles within the military hierarchy. As part of the German Imperial Army, Württemberg maintained its own military forces, which included various regiments specialized in different combat branches.

Artillery regiments played a crucial role in warfare, providing fire support to ground forces through the use of cannons, howitzers, and other artillery pieces. Officers within these regiments were responsible for commanding and coordinating the artillery units, ensuring effective deployment and accurate firepower during military operations.

Officers in Württemberg's artillery regiments underwent extensive training to develop their skills in artillery tactics, command, and leadership. They were expected to possess a deep understanding of artillery principles, including target acquisition, range estimation, projectile types, and the technical aspects of artillery weaponry.

These officers were also responsible for overseeing the maintenance and readiness of their artillery units, ensuring proper care and functionality of the cannons, ammunition, and equipment. They played a vital role in planning and executing artillery barrages and provided valuable input in developing overall battle strategies.

In addition to their military duties, officers from artillery regiments often held social status within Württemberg society. They were part of a prestigious class of individuals who had undergone rigorous training and demonstrated exceptional skills in their field. Their uniforms, such as the officer schirmütze, showcased their rank and affiliation, reflecting the pride and honor associated with their service.

Overall, officers from artillery regiments in the kingdom of Württemberg prior to World War I were key figures in the military landscape, possessing specialized knowledge and skills essential for effective artillery operations. They represented the dedication and professionalism of the Württemberg military and played a vital role in defending the kingdom's interests during this pivotal era in history.

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