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Wurttemberg Pickelhaube / Spiked Helmet for OYV Grenadier Rgt 119

Wurttemberg Pickelhaube / Spiked Helmet for OYV Grenadier Rgt 119

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This is one of the nicest enlisted Private Purchase Pickelhauben I have ever seen. The quality and craftsmanship are excellent. It is clearly for a One Year Volunteer (round front visor and round spike base where an officer’s helmet would have a squared front visor and a cross base for the spike.)

The silver metal parts are of Nickel and the wappen is of officer quality with a pierced crown. All of the other elements of the helmet are of enlisted design with the correct kokarden and a leather chin strap for wear in the field. (A brass chin scale would have been worn on parade or in garrison.)

The interior of the helmet is equally fine. The front and rear visors are not lined and the leather sweat band is made from quality soft leather, with a officer quality silk liner which is lightly used with no rips or tears. The helmet appears to have had little or no wear.

Only three units wore this helmet: Grenadier-Regiment Nr 119, Grenadier-Regiment Nr 123, and Pioneer Bataillone Nr 13. We know this helmet is for Grenadier-Regiment Nr 119 because that regiment is the only regiment whose metal trim was from Nickle and took a white parade bush. (Grenadier-Regiment Nr 123 wore a black bush, and Pionier Bataillone Nr 13 did not take a bush for parade.)

Grenadier-Regiment Königin Olga (1.Württembergisches) Nr 119 was the most elite of all Württemberg infantry regiments, and was raised in 1673 It was garrisoned in the capital city of Stuttgart. It was assigned to the XIII. Armeekorps. It was the only Württemberg infantry regiment to have silver furniture.

This is an amazing pickelhaube and would make a fine addition to any collection. It is fairly priced.
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