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Derrittmeister Militaria

Württemberg Veteran Pin 

Württemberg Veteran Pin 

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Presenting the Fascinating Württemberg Veteran Pin 

Behold a captivating veteran pin hailing from the historical region of Württemberg. This distinguished piece bears a rich legacy and is a true gem for collectors and enthusiasts.

Front Design: The obverse side of the pin proudly displays the inscription "Wüttemb. Kriegerbund," which translates to "Württemberg War Veteran Association." Beneath this inscription, a prominent shield takes center stage, showcasing the magnificent coat of arms of the Württemberg kingdom. Adorning the top of the badge is a majestic crown, symbolizing the regal heritage of the region. Just below the badge, two elegantly arranged ribbons in vibrant red and deep black proudly bear the name and location of the local chapter, adding a personalized touch to this historic memento.

Reverse Features: Turning the pin over reveals a practical safety pin mechanism thoughtfully designed to securely attach this emblem to a garment or accessory. Furthermore, discerning collectors will appreciate the manufacturer's hallmark, an assurance of its quality and origin, which proudly hails from the renowned city of Stuttgart.

This Württemberg Veteran Pin embodies both historical significance and craftsmanship, making it a treasured item for those who appreciate the rich heritage of Württemberg. Don't miss the chance to own a piece of history that combines elegance, symbolism, and pride.

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