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Authentic Baden Dragoner-Regiment Nr 20 Fähnrich Pickelhaube

Authentic Baden Dragoner-Regiment Nr 20 Fähnrich Pickelhaube

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Experience the storied history of the Imperial German Army with this authentic Baden Dragoner-Regiment Nr 20 Fähnrich Pickelhaube—a symbol of honor and aspiration. In the Imperial German Army, a Fähnrich held a unique position as an Offizier's candidate, representing a fast track to full Offizier's status in either the regular army or as a reserve officer.

Among the three prestigious Dragoner-Regiments maintained by the Grand Duchy of Baden, Dragoner-Regiment Nr 20 stood as the oldest, tracing its roots back to its formation as a Leib-Dragoner-Regiment in 1803. The other two regiments were established during the mid-19th century, solidifying Baden's military might.

The helmet's leather body boasts good condition, adorned with a fine frosted silver surface wappen and an open/voided Offizier's Crown. Silver-toned cruciform, spike, and helmet trim further elevate its elegance. Though lacking Offizier's stars, the helmet features a pearl ring with Offizier's style, culminating in a splendid representation of Baden's military prestige. The brass chinstraps add a touch of vintage charm.

The exterior is graced with the State's and Reich's kokarden, showcasing the Baden kokarde's elegant and distinctive pattern, shared by Württemberg, Saxony, and Hesse-Darmstadt.

The interior reveals a well-used yet complete leather sweatband, offering a glimpse into the helmet's storied past. The creme-colored silk liner, with its plain design, stands as a testament to the helmet's authenticity. Though showing signs of use, the liner retains its original hardware without any double holes.

A truly original and untouched pickelhaube, this Fähnrich headpiece embodies history and tradition. Remarkably valued, it remains a rare find among Baden helmets, cherished by collectors and enthusiasts alike.

Embark on a journey into the past with this remarkable Baden Dragoner-Regiment Nr 20 Fähnrich Pickelhaube—an unparalleled military collectible that brings Imperial German history to life.

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