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Bavarian Officer's Pickelhaube - Elite Chevaulegers-Regiment

Bavarian Officer's Pickelhaube - Elite Chevaulegers-Regiment

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Immerse yourself in the grandeur of Bavaria's illustrious history with this extraordinary officer's pickelhaube from one of four prestigious Chevaulegers-Regiments: 1. Chevaulegers-Regiment Kaiser Nikolaus von Rußland, 3. Chevaulegers-Regiment Herzog Karl Theodor, 5. Chevaulegers-Regiment Erzherzog Friedrich von Österreich, or 7. Chevaulegers Prinz Alfons. Among Bavaria's eight Chevaulegers-Regiments, four odd-numbered ones boast resplendent gilt furniture, while the even-numbered regiments display striking silver accents.

This remarkable pickelhaube showcases a superbly crafted leather body in excellent condition. Its unique squared front visor sets it apart, hinting at the grandeur of a bygone era. Gleaming with gilt-toned fittings, including the exquisite chin scales, intricate wappen, decorative trim, distinguished cruciform, and a fluted spike, this helmet belongs to an odd-numbered regiment, exuding an aura of prestige.

Adorned with both the Reich and state's kokarden, this officer's pickelhaube is an epitome of Bavarian military excellence. Delve into its interior to discover a well-preserved, used leather sweatband and a fine, light-brown silk liner. All original hardware remains intact, serving as a testament to its authenticity.

Gracing any collection with its undeniable allure, this very attractive spiked helmet embodies the valor and tradition of Bavaria's esteemed Chevaulegers-Regiments. Own a piece of history and relish the pride that comes with preserving a symbol of an illustrious past.


  1. Chevaulegers-Regiment Kaiser Nikolaus von Rußland

  2. Chevaulegers-Regiment Herzog Karl Theodor

  3. Chevaulegers-Regiment Erzherzog Friedrich von Österreich:

  4. Chevaulegers Prinz Alfons


Please note that the specific historical information for each regiment can be found on the provided websites. These references will provide you with further insights into the esteemed Bavarian Chevaulegers-Regiments and their significance during the pre-WWI era.

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