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Prussia Pickelhaube / Spiked Helmet for NCO (non commissioned officer) in Infantarie Rgt

Prussia Pickelhaube / Spiked Helmet for NCO (non commissioned officer) in Infantarie Rgt

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This Prussian Infanterie-Regiment NCO's pickelhaube is a remarkable piece of military memorabilia that dates back to the prewar era. The helmet is complete with brass furniture and features an impressive leather body that is over one hundred years old. Despite some shrinkage on the front and rear visors, the helmet remains in excellent condition. All of the gilt-toned brass fittings have a lovely, consistent patina that adds to the helmet's historical charm.

The helmet's back strap indicates that it was originally intended for an enlisted man, and it is a privately-purchased example as there are no depot marks present. The NCO's kokarden, representing both the state and Reich, are present and in fine condition. The spike detaches from the helmet, adding to its functionality.

Moving to the interior of the helmet, there is a fine enlisted man's leather liner with an impressive fifteen tongues that extend from the sweatband. In comparison, depot-issued helmets typically have six-to-eight tongues, making their tongues much larger than those on this particular helmet. Unfortunately, the complete sizing thong is not present, as it has been cut in several places, leaving only short pieces in place. However, the helmet's size is marked as "53," which is one of the smallest pickelhauben available, with the average size falling in the 54-to-55 range.

The final interior detail to note is that the wappen is attached with nuts and screws in an "officers' style." Enlisted men's helmets were more often attached by a clip and a thong.

If you're interested in learning more about the history of this particular Infanterie-Regiment or adding it to your collection, there are many resources available online. One excellent source of information is the reference books on Der Rittmeisters website , which provides a wealth of information on the history and organization of the Prussian Army.

Overall, this Infanterie-Regiment NCO's pickelhaube is a fantastic addition to any collection of military memorabilia

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